Who we are

Volution Inc is a innovation driven company. We work with our customers to create systems for customized applications in both industrial and consumer fields. Our main product is the MultiVision system, a multi-purpose, programmable monitor and detection system.


The key to cost effective solutions is Volution’s MultiVisor System, a family of specialized Plug’n'Play modules that network together to create customized applications. If the right module doesn’t already exist, then Volution will develop it. For those Do-It-Yourself’ers, Volution provides the tools needed. MultiVisor also includes simple to use software to configure small, local systems or operate many large, remote sites. Click the product pictures to read more.





About Us

Since 1987, Volution has specialized in developing custom sensing and monitoring systems and products for a broad range of markets: Industrial & On-Line Inspection, Safety & Security, Medical, Military & Utilities. Volution’s technical expertise includes a wide range of sensing technologies: fiberoptic, image, spectroscopic, electro-chemical, and other photonic methods. Signal analysis capabilities include algorithm and AI processing. From simple stand alone monitoring and control units to sophisticated production-line inspection systems, Volution is the go to place for solving the hitherto unsolvable:

“Don’t tell us it can’t be done until after we’ve done it.”


To inquire about applications and pricing for the Multivisor systems and to see if it would be suitable for your use please send us an email using the contact form below. Please make sure that all fields are filled out correctly. Name and Email are required.