Who we are

Since 1987, Volution has specialized in developing custom sensing and monitoring systems and products for a broad range of markets: Industrial & On-Line Inspection, Safety & Security, Medical, Military & Utilities. Volution’s technical expertise includes a wide range of sensing technologies: fiberoptic, image, spectroscopic, electro-chemical, and other photonic methods. Signal analysis capabilities include algorithm and AI processing. From simple stand alone monitoring and control units to sophisticated production-line inspection systems, Volution is the go to place for solving the hitherto unsolvable: “Don’t tell us it can’t be done until after we’ve done it.”


The key to cost effective solutions is Volution’s MultiVisor System, a family of specialized Plug’n'Play modules that network together to create customized applications. If the right module doesn’t already exist, then Volution will develop it. For those Do-It-Yourself’ers, Volution provides the tools needed. MultiVisor also includes simple to use software to configure small, local systems or operate many large, remote sites. Click the product pictures to read more.