Since 1987, Volution has developed technology to various real world applications in schools, mining, industry, utilities, military, and medical devices:

  • Sensing
    Volution’s earliest technology roots were in pioneering fiberoptic sensors and special communications links.  This progressed to spectroscopy and electro-chemical gas analysis for fire detection in submarines.  With modification, this became  “ATOM”, the electrical utilities first practical  on-line Automated Transformer Oil Monitor”.  Merging this with an early MultiVisor school security systems created a MultiVisor system for monitoring and controlling damage control throughout a Navy surface combatants.
    Volution entered imaging technology by teaming with a major medical company to produce a miniature disposable  fiberoptic orthoscopic.  This led to  image capture/processing systems for in-process fabrication controls that used optical pre-processing to dramatically reduce the effects of dirt on the image processing software.  These systems evolved into “ViewPoint”, a realtime AI based inspection system that contained scores of  small CMOS “SlimCam” imagers, thousands of “Smart-Lite” LED illuminators,  and dozens of PCs all networked together to perform ultra high speed, high resolution inspection.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    Volution has developed advanced algorithmic and AI processing of both signals and images.  AI includes expert systems, neural  networks, and fuzzy logic processors.
  • Electronics
    Volution designs, builds, and programs all its own electronics boards in house.  All embedded MultiVisor modules are based upon Microchip “PIC” microcontrollers.
  • Software
    Volution programs in house at both the PC and the embedded microcontroller levels.  PC code is written for Windows in Visual C++/C#.  The microcontrollers are programmed  in C and MPLAB based assembly.

We look forward to working with you for your sensing and artificial intelligence technology projects.

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