Listed below are the separate parts that comprise of the Detection System, along with a brief explanation of how they function:


  • Consists of eight channels to control different zones

TWIN-8, Control Pad:

  • Consists of a power status LED, with four LEDs to indicate mode
  • Pushbutton
  • Mode Switch for three modes: OFF, AUTO, and MANUAL

TWIN-3, Flame Sensors:

  • Flame sensor (glass) protected by a “cage”
  • Hook up to terminals labeled “Bytebus”

TWIN-10, Foam Control Actuator:

  • Consists of LEDs to indicate power and communications status.
  • Wired with terminal labeled as “Bytebus”, with the positive wire on the end closest to “MultiVisor”

Each channel (representing a zone) should compose of one control pad, two TWIN 10’s, one TWIN-8, and 1 flame sensor.