TWIN 3B, Flame Detector:

  • Flame Sensor/ UVTron mounted on the bottom of the board
  • Set address of switch from 0 to 15
  • Terminal Block Labeled “ByteBus” is for communications with the ByteBus board. Connect the “hot”/”high” wire to terminal labeled “HI”, and the ground wire to the Terminal labeled “RTN”.
  • The LED labeled TWIN indicates power and communications are linked with ByteBus.
  • The LED labeled “Flame” indicates whether the UVTron senses a flame.
  • CAUTION: High voltage area on top of board, between the two mounting holes.


  • Updated version of the TWIN 3B;  includes a heater if the sensor drops below a certain temperature

TWIN-8, Control Pad:

  • Controls the mode of the Fire Detection System
  • Mounted onto a red panel consisting of two buttons, a knob and beeper
  • Left-hand button is “Enter”;
  • Right-hand button is “Release”; Press this button to release the foam when the system is set in Manual mode
  • First position (left-most) for the knob sets system in OFF mode
  • Center position sets system in AUTOMATIC mode
  • Last position (right-most) sets system in MANUAL mode


  • Functions as a strobe in the Fire Suppression system
  • LED labeled “___ ” indicates power and communication linked to ByteBus
  • Connected to the Control Pad by the terminal block labeled “ByteBus”
  • High/ Hot wire goes into terminal labeled “HI”
  • Ground wire goes into the terminal labeled “RTN”


  • Revision of the TWIN-9; is opto-isolated