Insightful problem analysis, conceiving and evaluating “out of the box” solutions, product R&D, prototyping, and retrofitting.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software:

Collecting image data is one thing, converting it to the final information desired is another. In image analysis and many other sensing applications, algorithmic data processing alone is often incapable of completing the conversion of data to information. Volution overcomes this by augmenting advanced mathematical and statistical algorithms with AI. Its AI techniques include Expert Rules and Neural Networks with Fuzzy Logic used as appropriate. Volution’s unique Alembic AI Foundary makes AI training and testing convenient, rapid, and low cost. Contact Us to see how AI can help you convert your data into the information you desire.

Research and Development:

Volution has the facilities and resources needed to carry out optical, electronic, and software R&D tasks for new product development in a wide range of sensing fields. R&D services ranges from starting with simple concepts and applying basic physics to the problem at hand to evaluating and exploiting new technologies. For technical confidence in particularly difficult sensing project, Volution offers a “Concept Development and Validation” phase as the first milestone in system development projects. This gives the customer the information needed to decide whether or not to continue with the project.

Systems Analysis:

Volution can assist in evaluating a customer’s business to determine if, where, and how automated sensing systems can benefit their profitability. Volution has a history of providing insightful and honest findings on whether or not automated sensing is appropriate and, if so, what type of system is called for.